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Marly is a ‘home • bags • accessories’ label. The designs for Marly are designed by Marly Gommans.

Her fascination for fashion and furniture design are the inspiration for the collections. Often you can see a connection between those disciplines in the products of the collections. The materials are important for Marly. She likes to work with natural materials like leather, wood and felt.

Timeless, pure and refined that is what the collection by Marly is standing for. The products are made by hand with love and joy, as much as possible in the studio in textile city Tilburg. By keeping the production close and buying the materials in the area, we are able to keep our quality and craftsmanship high.

Marly Gommans (1982) has graduated in 2008 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. In 2007 she started her design label Marly.

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